About Us

HamacLand Concept SAS develops
an innovative concept in aquatic recreation

The next stage of development for aquatic recreation is to take up space on the water around us.

This is our vision at HamacLand Concept SAS and we are very excited about this fantastic new challenge.

This innovationat the point where land meets sea and sea meets skywill offer HamacLanders a dedicated space on water (up to 17 sqm.), a cross between a personal island and a private beach where families, friends and loved ones can spend quality time together. Starting out as a dream, this floating island has turned into a reality for relaxing, exploring and watching the world go by, in total safety since the structure is securely anchored and in exceptional comfort with a host of optional extras such as fresh water, mist maker, refrigerator, solar panel, Wi-Fi, sound system and many other add-on features.

This exclusive, ground-breaking concept combines high technology and simplicity. Modular and multi-purpose, HamacLand™ is just as suited to sport and leisure as it is relaxation. An opportunity for HamacLanders to become at one with the elements and experience the delights of their own personal floating world, HamacLand™ creates a transcendent sensation of well-being and harmony. The ultimate place to enjoy time and company in absolute serenity, HamacLand™ is destined to become a must-have for outdoor lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. It also provides a safe haven for individuals seeking space, freedom and privacy in outstanding surroundings—a welcome escape from the persistently fast pace of city life for some—or simply an alternative lifestyle for others.

Designed primarily for waterfront resorts, particularly the fully-equipped version complete with autonomous power supply, the infinitely-modular HamacLand™ also caters to lakeside leisure complexes in its non-powered format. HamacLand™ can be installed on any sufficiently calm body of water and is especially suited to islands, crystal-clear lagoons, limpid coves, and rocky inlets. Not to mention that HamacLand™ also offers a smart solution to the critical shortage of space along beaches and beachless waterfronts.


HamacLand Concept SAS will soon reveal the exclusive first locations to implement this one-of-a-kind concept.

HamacLand is an innovative concept in the field of watersports and leisure between a private island and a private VIP floating lounge, designed and ideally suited for luxury Resorts & Spas

Welcome aboard HamacLand!