What is HamacLand… part 01 (150721)

HamacLand_EtoileMer01YOU MAY ALREADY BE FAMILIAR WITH beach cabanas, beach gazebos, floating lazy boys, floating hammocks, diving pontoons, water skiing pontoons

YOU DREAM OF ENJOYING YOUR OWN private beach & island, private sea lounge, floating island boat

YOU WANT TO ORGANIZE floating romantic dinners under a floating canopy, in a romantic beach tent, or aboard a floating sea deck, a floating pontoon or a floating sun deck

YOU WANT TO OFFER YOUR VALUED GUESTS new leisure activities and new water games, and are thus looking for new products and new ideas to delight and entertain them…


HamacLand is an innovative, private floating lounge concept. It is a cross between a personal island and a private VIP lounge, one that can also be used as an extension to overwater bungalows, or a dedicated space for honeymooners, and much more besides…

This one-of-a-kind floating product may inspire new ideas, such as organizing a private floating beach party at night or a floating wedding on the sea.

HamacLand represents a new amenity for beach resorts and a new facility for lakes.

HamacLand is definitely what you need to make a difference and deliver emotional luxury to your guests.


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